Custom CRM & ERP Solutions

We, at 40Media, can help you implement fully-featured, highly customized, and advanced CRM solutions tailored to your business needs. We leverage our extensive expertise and experience in CRM development to help you build fruitful and long-term customer relationships.

ERP and CRM technologies are both crucial to businesses, no matter their size or industry domain. With the help of our trusted and experienced developers at 40Media, ensure your business processes stay organized and your customer relations are fruitful and long-term. We have in-depth expertise in developing tailor-made ERP and CRM apps that will build a strong foundation for your business to thrive upon.

Custom CRM Solution

Is your business seeing low sales rates and revenue out of lost opportunities? Or are your sales reps performing poorly? Our custom CRM solutions can solve all these problems for you.

We can help you with the following:

Increase your lead conversion and sales rates
Boost visibility in the sales process
Improve your marketing campaigns
Help you provide unmatched customer service
And more
Other than this, CRM solution experts at 40Media have been adding great value to a wide range of businesses for years by developing personalized CRM systems that allow top-notch customer management and retention for current as well as potential future customers.

Custom ERP Solutions

No matter which domain your business is – finance, accounting, human resources, or project management – custom ERP software solutions will suit your unique business style. Our improved scalable ERP solutions can help you to automate complex processes and get key data insights across multiple platforms. It can further scale your business by enabling real-time data automation between systems. Our clients have reported significant improvements in profit generation, saving business time, and having better control over their organizational processes.

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