Our Ethos

We believe all dreams can become a reality. If you have an idea, then we have the expertise to implement it. Once you are here – from design and development to marketing and support – we have got you covered.

How do we achieve that?

We have a pool of highly experienced and trained professionals who are working from all over the world. Because the best of every trade is not present at the same location. We leverage cloud technologies to collaborate efficiently and come with stunning results beyond your expectations.

While we work closely with our clients, we don’t bug them constantly. We will listen to your business requirements very carefully, will plan our detailed strategy, and once you give the go-ahead; we will hardly bother you till the time we achieve the expected outcome. It’s that simple!

Why Choose Us

Our values keep us together and motivated to always strive for excellence:


Effective communication is essential to achieve favorable results. While working with us, you will have full transparency about the status of our deadlines or any changes we might feel will work better for your project.

Global Talent

In a quest to work with the best talent, we have built a location-agnostic team, wherein our executives could be working from any geography or time-zone.


For us, work done is zero if we are not able to meet your expectations. As a result of this philosophy, we never shy away from going the extra mile to deliver excellence.


We just don’t deliver projects – we add value! Our global team of professionals always brainstorm innovative ideas from all over the world to give our clients innovative solutions that add extra value to the business.


Our marketing strategy is long-sighted. We know that running an online business will always need support. To help our clients always stay in business, we have created a robust support team that is responsive and empathetic to our client’s needs. Give us a shout out, and we have got your back. Always!

Happy Employees

Only a happy employee can put his heart and soul in the business. We believe in the philosophy of creating a happy and interactive work environment because happiness is directly proportional to innovation and productivity.

Quality Assurance

By choosing to use our services, you will be leaving your job in the hands of the top experts in the industry. You can rest assured that your product idea will be developed properly, and it will be delivered in time without loss in quality.

To ensure high-quality and timely delivery of your product, our designers follow a set of strict standards. We utilize design systems, carry out comprehensive design reviews, and make use of the most impactful practices and tools. Our designers are also constantly trained and mentored so that you get a skillful and organized team that knows what they are doing.

Furthermore, you can expect a polished final product that is attractive, easy-to-use, scalable, and that will deliver a positive experience and meet your business goals.

How do we roll at 40 Media?

A typical 40 Media year is spiced with project kickoffs, product launches, knowledge sharing sessions, training, workshops, and more. We believe in the agile methodology and self-organizing teams.

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